From London with love

So, here I am, or rather have been for a week or so. I have, so fa, done plenty of sightseeing , learnt a lot of new interesting ideas to use in my classes and made a few friends. So, so far so good.
But you are not probably interested in what a good time I am having ( I am supposed to be working very hard) I am just writing to let you know that I have come across to yet another interesting website I think might be helpful .
This time is a visual dictionary (this always helps), and it has an interesting section devoted to practising the vocab with games. By the way, it might only help advanced students but for lower level, you can always have a look.

It is designed to help you find the right word at a glance. Filled with stunning illustrations labeled with accurate terminology in up to six languages, it is the ideal language-learning and vocabulary dictionary for use at school, at home or at work.
It contains
– 20,000 terms with contextual definitions, developed by terminology experts;
– 6,000 full-color images of a wide variety of objects from all aspects of life;
15 major themes to access more than 6,000 images
Plants & gardening
Animal kingdom
Human being
Food & kitchen
Clothing & articles
Arts & architecture
Transport & machinery
Sports & games

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