Hydrangea = Hortensia

Hydrangea ,pronounced /hai’dreindz(i)∂/ ,is the Latin name for the beautiful Hortensia. Their flower can be blue, white, pink, purple, the exact colour depending on the Ph of the soil. Asturias is full of them and so is my garden .Here is a very nice idea to make good use of the Hortensias.
This is an article published by N. Bower which I have borrowed without his/her permission . I hope he/she doesn’t mind.
Gather, beg, borrow or steal several Hydrangea heads, from different bushes to get a variety of color. Do not pick them if they are bright blue, they will shrivel up and not look good in the wreath. The heads are easier to use if they are not dry, but slightly dry will work.
Go to a craft store, and buy a 12″ straw wreath form and a box of “H” pins (refer to picture). Put a wire loop around the straw wreath form for hanging later on. Start by pinning the heads with the H pins on the inside of the wreath form, then the top and finally the outside. They should be quite close together. They will dry, keeping most of their color.
Hang your masterpiece in a protected area out of the sun and it will reward you all winter long.

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