2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy 2012

  1. Hi there! You might have given up learning English but I can see that you still can write a word or two . Wow! You should be proud of the level you have achieved. Pity you are not at the school ’cause more probably than not I’ll be returning next year and It would be nice to see some of my ex-students. Meee! Yes ! Still in “little hell” and still sometimes regretting and sometimes happy about the decision I’ve taken .
    I’m very happy you have decided to drop some lines . I’m always happy to see you on the other side. Keep dropping by!

  2. Hi Cristina!What´s new?Well , you´re still in “Little Hell”, aren´t you?Your blog isn´t on EOI web.How´s that?I have given up my English classes ,because, I have changed my work and I have tons of work, you know, money talks. This is my first English writing this year.However ,there is something nice on this absence , there are many new articles, for me, to read on your web.Positive man jejejeje.I miss your English classes.I want to wish you ,and your family, a very Happy 2012.See you soon!

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