Using Mosaics for a guessing game

Would you like to describe an animal from the ones you can see in the picture below?

You’re most welcome to do it! Do not mention the animal and let blog-readers guess what animal you’re describing.

I usually get my mosaics from this website . It’s got lots of funny stuff !

18 thoughts on “Using Mosaics for a guessing game

  1. It´s long.It hasn´t got legs.It hasn´t got ears.It moves on the floor.It changes its skin every year.It usualy lives in the forest or in the jungle.It eats animals.It´s usually brown.

  2. His hair is brown.It has a flat nose and walks on four legs. It”s got flat fingers and large ears .Its favourite food is bananas .

  3. It is called the king of the jungle by his hair or his behaviour..The males reach three meters long and can weigh two hundred and seventy kilos.The females are smaller in length and its maximum weight is one hundred and eighty kilos.
    They live in all sorts of habit.They eat fresh meat.

  4. These animals are largue mammals with short legs and stocky barrel bodies. They have a largue head with a wide mouth and nostrils located on top of a muzzle. As pigs they have four toes on the foot.

  5. – They are carnivorous mammals.
    – They have strong teeth.
    – Their furs are short and have different colours.
    – They live in the forest or mountains.
    – They hunt in groups and are predators.
    – Dogs come from them.

  6. These animals can lose up to 1000 teeth per year. These are constantly replaced throughout life.They have no bones in the body. Their skeletons are made of cartilage.There are 350 different species in the world. Sharks live 25 years.The reproductive strategy of sharks is fertilizing their eggs internally and investing to protect their young

  7. There are two types
    The earth species are bigger than the water species
    All the them hibernate in autumn and in winter so they eat a lot of food during the rest of the seasons so they can sleep during these two seasons.You can differenciate the sex of this animal by the size of their tail, the picture of the down part of their carcass or the size of their nails.
    The earth species eat all types of vegetables and fruits and the water ones eat lettuce and little prawns.

  8. These animals do not belong to the order of the dolphins. They are aquatic mammals and breastfeed their babies underwater. They hunt in group: with dolphins, whales and sometimes on their own . They can dive to great depths and reach the speed of 50km / h. There has never been news of attacks to humans. They spend 60% of their time hunting for food.Their favourite waters are cold.They can measure up to 9 meters and weigh 9 tons.

  9. They are are intelligent birds and sensitive like their freedom . They are easily identified thanks to its curved , robust and rounded beak and to the color of their plumage. The mayority live in tropical areas .Their nutrition has to be balaced . They eat mainly seeds and big specimems eat dried nuts.

  10. These animals only eat feed and grass.They have four legs, a tail and a mane.Some of these animals are used for competitions, They are very big and can jump very well.

  11. This animal has a large neck.It is the biggest species in the world.Males can measure from 4.8 metres to 5.5 metres and weigh nine hundred kilos.They normally live in sheets.They eat acacias in growth.They can drink a lot of water that allows them to survive in dry places.Their skin is spotted with brown and yellow stains .

  12. This animal is the largest mammal in the world. There are two different species of this animal:Indian or Asian and African.
    The trunk is an adaptation of the nose.It is a lengthened muscle without bones. They also have very large ears and they have two ivory tusks.Their skin is greyish black.

  13. It is an animali whose tongue is like a worm body.It’s 1.30 metres tall. It has got a long tail and small claws.

  14. It is a popular medium-sized mammal with soft short hair,long ears and a short tail.It is mainly a nocturnal species,which until 1912 was included in rodents ;after this date , it is included within the species of lagomorphs.
    Some breeds of this animal is:
    -American sable

  15. They are birds .They have a coloured beak. They live in tropical damp forests. Theis beak and their tongue are very long.They have short wings . They eat insects , spiders and fruits. They lay eggs. They live up to twenty years.

  16. Hi!…
    They are mammals which live in Australia.
    They are similiar to wobmats but they ´ve got bigger ears.The body is stocky and they ´ve got soft grey hair.The head is big and they have large hairy heads.
    They can live about eighteen years and weigh about fourteen kg
    Their favourite food is eucaliptus leaves.

    What animal is it? 🙂

  17. These animals are usually very affectionate.
    They have hair (brown, black, white … etc) and sometimes very pretty eyes. They have paws, and defend themselves with their paws.
    They don’t have a very good hygiene because they wash themselves using their tongue. The most famous one is the protagonist of the tale “Puss In Boots”.

  18. It is a species of bird with strong sexual dimorphism. He lives about 15 years, although cases are known of specimens that lived in captivity for over 20 years. The animal produces sounds that are not as attractive as his image: usually consist of quacks who can relate to the mewing of a cat .The food is primarily omnivorous, composed mainly of seeds, fruits, berries, plants, vegetables, insects, frogs and small reptiles.Despite its size and long feathers it can make short flights, which performs especially for perch on tree branches to rest and spend the night. They are very sensitive to excessive moisture and low temperatures, can get respiratory diseases, tuberculosis and intestinal disorders

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