Halloween: Write a Comic with a Scary Story

Halloween is coming soon , it’s almost here and this is a great time to let your imagination flow and write a scary story. Writing????? I can almost hear you complaining about having to write something , (well, anything).

OK, let’s do it in a funny way!

Let’s say the story is related to your school and /or  to your teacher . A great opportunity to scare MEEEE or even , if you dare, kill me, have  me eat poison or  place me in  the bonfire for witchcraft. The possibilites are endless.

We are going to do it using a comic template from this funny site http://www.grammarmancomic.com/index.html ,where we’ll choose from different comic options and where we can also see other comics students like you  have written. Then ,when you have finished your masterpiece , we’ll vote for the best story. Does it sound like a good plan?

Choose your template

School of Scares! It started like any other English lesson…

Terror Teacher! One day our usual English teacher was absent…

The Homework from Hell! We were in English class, waiting for home time..

Ghosts and Grammar!  Nobody believed the stories about our school day, until one day…

When writing a comic , it might be helpful to know some common English interjections. Click here to see some of the most common

Click here to see some ideas for your comics and have a spooky Halloween!

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