When English Teachers Retire

Today is Monday and to be honest here, I am not a big fan of Mondays. I’d rather it were  Thursday or if  I push myself a bit, Friday. But today is Monday and there is no way around it. For the past two weeks I’ve marking exams like crazy. I don’t really mind checking Listening or Reading Comprehension tests. I might not even mind marking Grammar tests but when it comes to reading essays I really wish it were Friday or even summer. When I was a teenager at the high school I used to say that if I ever were a teacher I would just not bother to mark exams, up in the air they would go and the ones on the right would pass while the others would fail. But now I’m on the other side and I only wish my conscience would let me do it, but it doesn’t and so I’m stuck with tests and I keep correcting the same mistakes all over again.

Funny cartoon or reality hitting me!

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