Food for Thought

I have just received this email from a colleague and I have felt the urge to share it with you although you have probably seen it or heard about it. It has certainly made a deep impression on me… suffice to say that I couldn’t help crying. I am not ashamed of it but I would be if it hadn’t stirred me in some way or other.
We live in the First World surrounded by luxury and superfluous things. We only care about our present even though we are all well aware of the consequences of all our excesses but we feel no remorse by thinking that all these hot issues should be discussed and dealt with somewhere else and by politicians . We always think we can do nothing and we keep on living , putting the blame on others when we see wars, famine and destruction and then , we listen to this 13-year-old girl and realize that we could do something only if we wanted to. Watch the 7:53 minutes ; it is worth it.
I want a world for my children and for my grandchildren but also for my great-great…and all the generations to come. Don’t you want the same?

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. It´s a great video ,you only have to see the politicians face to know that she is saying all the truth but I think is a sad video because they know all this things but they want MONEY.
    I love the girl she is not a bird singing a song but her words sound in my mind she has my vote she has got an amanzing head she is not only reading, she can teach lot of things. I hope that
    we will have a lot of children like this it will be a better world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA MY FAVOURITE ENGLISH TEACHER THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK.

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