Memories to Share

Good memories, bad memories but memories anyway.

Only this week I asked my students to reminisce about the past and, because we are on the lucky side of the world, all their memories were great. Most of them remembered their childhood with nostalgia, which is a good thing to do.
They remembered and talked about memories they will always cherish: about fighting with siblings, wonderful holidays when the family used to stick together, inventing tall stories to tell your parents so as not to be grounded, giggling with your classmates after mocking the teacher… you have given me lots of material to bribe you with.
We all have memories that are persistent throughout most of our life. Sharing them provides others a precious window to who we are.

Now, I have found and done with my students this song by James Morrison Once When I was Little, food for thought I should say, which both fits the grammar we have been studying to refer to the past, namely : “would” and “used to” and also the topic “Memories”.

I hope you enjoy it!. If you want to see the Lesson Plan , click here

Have you got any memories to share? So, come on, send them!!