Word of the Day: to Cheat and to Cheat On

Done! I have finished marking exams, and now what is left is something I really hate, red tape. Writing, sometimes, useless reports nobody will ever see but which are, nevertheless, part of the time-consuming  red tape  a teacher has to necessarily fill in at the end of the course.

So finals are over and I’m glad to say I haven’t caught any students red-handed. Come to think of it, if any of my students is reading it, he might  be laughing his head off thinking how naive we, teachers, sometimes are. Anyway, I’m happy in my blissful  ignorance!

To Cheat on Someone: to be sexually unfaithful.

They got divorced because he was cheating on her

♥ To cheat in an exam/ to cheat on an exam

None of my students have cheated on their final tests. 😉

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