The Thriller Dance

My son Lucas, who is 9, was watching TV (I’m afraid he’s sort of becoming a couch potato if I do nothing about it) when the video of Thriller filled the screen. He called me all excited about what he was seeing. I tried to explain who Michael Jackson was (difficult when I got to the part of him turning white) and what the video was about (the part about the graveyard and him turning into a zombie and scaring the girl was his favourite) and then, in my determination to show him how fun dancing could be I started searching the Net and bumped into this funny page where you can learn how to dance the Thriller Dance.

And well, I am just beginning to think it might be very interesting to teach vocabulary related to verbs of movement in a funny way. So… dear students … get ready, next year when we get to the point of learning verbs related to movement we’ll be dancing Thriller… if you don’t believe me … have a look at how organised they’ve got it all for me, ready to be used!! We might even be asked to perform at the Christmas Party!! How about that!!! I can’t wait!!!

Let’s get started
Step 1.The Dance. There are 8 lessons and each consists of 4 clips

Step 2. The Dance Script

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4 thoughts on “The Thriller Dance

  1. Hi Rebecca
    The post was written some time ago but I have had a look again at the website and updated the links.
    Hope it is helpful

  2. Hello,
    I am a newcomer teacher at a middle school. I would love to teach directional words/prepositions with Thriller for Halloween.
    Your links don’t work for me. Is it possible to send them directly to me?
    I am giving you my personal email not my school email to make sure they go through.
    You can find out that I really exist and my inquiry is genuine. I work at Baine county school district #61. I am on the web page. Thank you very much.
    Rebecca Boyle

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