Speaking: Fashion and Trends

I’m really stressed now. Internet has been down for three days and I only had it serviced this morning after  countless phone calls to the company.

Preparing exams, marking exams, preparing classes, publishing…. this is all part of who I am and what I do for a living …. but listen!, catching up on  my email has been nothing short of a nightmare. Christmas is coming and it seems all the companies have got hold of my email address ’cause there were like 500 emails waiting for me. Most of them junk! Really, if I get one more email informing me that I can get a 40% discount in ( insert shop here) I am going to go postal.

Anyway, I am sure my students have been checking my site to see if I have published their last oral test as promised. Here it is guys! Sorry to keep you waiting !

The topic: Fashion and Trends

First of all, three nice pictures you need to use as an excuse to talk  about the given topic

and now some questions to talk about. Time to show off, guys!