Both, None, Either and Neither

You know how it is. Once I start surfing the net I need to remind myself that I need to get some sleep. So, just last night I was about to call it a night when blog hopping, I “bumped into” this new tool which, though still in their beta version, has a lot of potential. Slidebean is a cloud-based platform that lets you create presentations for free, you only need to register and explore a bit.

EDITED* Slidebean is no longer free. The presentation is now displayed with

And as I was preparing a lesson for the Intermediate level about Conjunctions I decided to give it a go and  I don’t regret it. I think it has created a beautiful presentation out of a boring point of grammar. What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Both, None, Either and Neither

  1. You are right and it’s so frustrating! Some sites have the decency to keep your content and the activities created, but some others like for example Riddle they just erase your content without your consent. well, what can I say? That’s the downside of using free apps, but to be honest, most of them allow you to keep your activities visible.

  2. I like that you use free technology, but have noticed that many of the tools you use to create quizzes and learning material, I can not now no longer view on your site. The link doesn’t work and it says that this is no longer available, due to the software no longer being free. This I feel is one of the problems, in that the tools may be free for a while but then the company wants to make some money and so they start to charge!

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