Sentence Your Dictionary: a great help

Hello everyone! I hope you have a  happy Monday!!

In this blog I have published a handful of links to different dictionaries  and today I want to share with you one  I’ve been using quite  a lot lately.  has a lot of
tools to help you understand and use  a word .

It provides the user with simple and clear definitions, synonyms, quotes where the  word is used, the etymology of the word…etc,  but the tool I  like best and the main reason why I keep coming back to this dictionary is the SEE IN A SENTENCE tool, because very often, to understand  the meaning of a word  you need more than the definition. Seeing how the word is used in a sentence, seeing how the word is used in a context is a great help for the non-native speaker.

I seriously wish I had so many good dictionaries for free when I first started studying English. They would have made my life so much easier!

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