Giving Opinion: Driving

For the past week I’ve been raking my brains looking for a nice way to display these statements   and finally for lack of something that took my breath away, I have decided to stick to the overused , which works just fine … but for a few details there is no point in getting into right now.

So , right below , you’ll find some statements  about driving . This is what you need to do


♥Choose one statement  (only one , please)

♥Write a comment (5-8 lines) explaining  your point of view and why you agree or disagree with the statement.

♥Use some of the expressions here

I am pretty sure we all agree that these weeks before Three Wise  Men’s Day  are chaos. We’re all  super busy buying , wrapping ,eating and drinking (OMG!) so I don’t think I’ll be back in this space  until lessons start again.Thanks for being there!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

12 thoughts on “Giving Opinion: Driving

  1. “Driver who over 70 are dangerous as young drivers”
    It´s difficult to answer this question because there are many young people who are very irresponsible and crazy when driving.But personally I think is more dangerous driver over 70 years because the reaction capacity is much lower.The view over all is the most important and with age the view isn´t the same as when you´re young.
    The circulation rules have changed a lot and they don´t know them.
    And yes,I agree with this question.

  2. “The minimum age for riding a motorbike should be 25”

    Idon’t agree with this statement.
    What I mean is that the minimun age for riding a motorbike should be 18, and I´m pretty sure that the driver´s personality has more to do with having an accident than the age of the driver.
    So, if you are an aggressive or an anxious person, maybe you will have more accidents than a sensible person.
    It´s difficult to choose what´s the most hazardous activity, because it depends on the rest of the drivers. Driving is not a lonely activity.

  3. Cyclists should have to wear a helmet.
    I absolutely agree with that because ,in my opinion ,their bodies aren’t strong enough and if they have an accident they could lose their lives, or worse, their brains can be damaged seriously. The helmet has always been the biggest point of their security

  4. “Cyclist should have to wear a helmet”

    Personally, I think that it’s absolutely necesary that cyclist wear a helmet because if they fall down and they hit the ground with their head, they can get hurt. I believe that independently of the speed, you can be seriously injured. So, my personal view is that everybody who rides a bike should have to wear a helmet even though they are riding in a city.

  5. I choose the second one. Nowadays children under 16 years old must wear a helmet and ,in my opinion ,everybody should use a helmet when riding a bike. It is clear but, there should be more control over drivers who are not in good conditions to drive, not only elderly people. These people might pass the driving exam or medical tests but they could be unfit to drive.
    Remember to avoid distractions; keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

  6. “The speed limit on motorways should be reduced”
    I agree and simultaneously I disagree with this statement. I agree only in the cases where the highways are in poor conditions as is the case of the free highways where ,generally, the pavement is in a very poor condition and having a more limited speed is necessary, and also in the case of certain highway zones that could be more dangerous, but in the case of highways in good conditions I think that the speed limit should be the one that your vehicle has (as in Germany).

  7. “Speed cameras do not stop accidents”

    I agree in part because in most cases they are placed to raise money. The police should place them in dangerous areas and should notify their placement, so people would drive slower and there would be less accidents.

  8. “People who drink and drive should lose their driving license for life”
    Nowadays the law about driving when you are drunk is harder than before, and I agree.
    The number of accidents has declined since the law was changed. It is now a criminal offence, and you can go to prison
    But if you’re a repeating offender I agree that your license should be removed forever.
    If you want to drink, you can catch the bus, or taxi. It is safer.
    A good idea is that if a group of friends goes out together , one is appointed as the one not drinking

  9. “People who drink and drive should lose their driving licence for life”

    This statement is generally accepted because if someone takes the car when he or she is drunk probably, there´ll be an accident and I´m sure somebody might get injured or in fact, dead. In that case I absolutely agree with this punishment.
    However, it seems to me if you drink one or two glasses of wine or a beer for instance, you won’t be drunk ,but there´ll be blood alcohol levels so, in these cases, is it fair to lose your driving licence for life? I´m sorry, but I disagree.

  10. “Drivers who are over 70 are as dangerous as young drivers”
    I disagree with this because I believe the senses used when driving (sight and hearing)are diminished in old people and their reaction capacity has also decreased since they were young. In fact,I have done some research: in the motorway they drive more slowly than driving rules allow because they don’t feel safe driving on them.

  11. “Drivers who are over 70 are as dangerous as young drivers”
    I agree with this, but only partially . In my opinion, the problem isn’t the age but the brain. In general, although physical conditions tend to get worse with the time, the brain gets better because you become aware it’s not worth risking your life in a minute. Furthermore, I’d like to point out that today people age much better than before, and I think that seventy-year-old people don’t have any difficulty driving a car.

  12. “Cyclist should have to wear a helmet”
    You are absolutely right because when cyclists fall down their bodies are their only protection. Sometimes they suffer traumatic brain injury and they can even die when they have a small accident in which their heads are hit.
    All this would be prevented if cyclists always wore a helmet.
    In Spain, children under 16 years old have to wear a helmet when riding a bike; people over 16 years old have to wear a helmet in interurban roads but it is not obligatory in urban areas.

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