Word of the day: Dream Of/About, Get Married/Marry

Although my favourite expression in class is ” It is very easy”, there’s no point in denying English prepositions are hard to learn, if you can ever say you learn them. I don’t know about other languages but Spanish students seem to consistently make mistakes when using prepositions after these two verbs. Let’s study them:



  •  marry somebody (no preposition required)

Please, marry me !! he said

I married a person I am still in love with

  • be/get married to somebody. (not with)

She used to be married to my brother

I got married to my childhood sweetheart


  • dream about sth /sb when you are sleeping

Last night I dreamt about the exam

  • dream of  you are awake, you think about something pleasant you would like to happen .

I have always dreamt of visiting Japan

She had this romantic dream of changing the world

Hope it helps!! 🙂

 A little quiz , perhaps?
[spoiler title=’She dreamed ___becoming a chef.’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]of[/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’I dreamt ___ you last night.’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]about[/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’I married__ Alex because I love him.’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’](-)[/spoiler]
[spoiler title=’I got married __ Peter in Asturias (Spain)’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]to[/spoiler]
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