Common Errors 4

Here’s another post dealing with some common errors .These errors are mistakes B1/B2 students make.  I hope you find them helpful!

♥Read the sentence and identify the error

♥Rewrite the sentence correctly

♥Read the corrected version  and the grammar input after the  line

The correct form is: I couldn’t decide what dress to wear but in the end I chose the read one

In the end” means the same as “eventually”, “finally”  “after something has been thought about or discussed a lot”

At the end“ is more physical like “at the end of the road” “at the end of the book” , though you can also say ” at the end of the day”.

Check your understanding with these exercises. Click here

4 thoughts on “Common Errors 4

  1. Hi Breugne!
    If you read the input with the difference between in the end/ at the end , these exercises shouldn’t be too difficult.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Good to have exercises, but they might be easier for a Dutch-speaking person like me…

    Kristof BREUGHE


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