Common Errors 1

I am starting a series of posts on some common errors .These errors are mistakes B1/B2 students make.  I hope you find them helpful!

♥Read the sentence and identify the error

♥Rewrite the sentence correctly

♥Read the corrected version  and the grammar input after the  line.

The correct form is : The thief was sent to prison for two years

The definite article is used when referring to the building itself. When we  refer to “prison” as punishment , we do not use the article.

This also happens in common expressions such as “at school” ” in hospital” “ to church” when we are referring to the normal use of the building or place

I met her at school (when we were students)

I’ll meet you at the school ( the school as a meeting place)

My grandmother is in hospital ( as a patient)

I left my keys  at the hospital when I was visiting my gransmother

NOTE: In American English, university and hospital are always used with articles

Source: Practical English Usage (M: Swan) and Knockout Textbook

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4 thoughts on “Common Errors 1

  1. aND IF i MENTION THE NAME OF THE PRISION: The thief was sent to The XJW prision for two years.

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