Nothing Else Matters

This is the speech given in class by Olaya Cruz, a student in the Pre-intermediate level. Thank you very much Olaya, it was  beautifully done. 

“Nothing else matters” is a song written in 1991 by Metallica, a band of Thrash metal. This song is considered the best hit in history of metal ballads.

James Hetfield, vocals and guitar of Metallica wrote this song. It was written when he was talking on the phone with his girlfriend. While he was talking to her, at the same time he was playing the strings of his guitar at random with the other hand. He heard a rhythm that he really loved, so he hang up and started to compose this beautiful song.

James initially wrote this song for his family, for the homesickness because he spent almost all his life in tours and concerts -he says in the song “so close no matter how far”- so he couldn’t dedicate so much time to them

In the beginning he didn’t want to publish this song because he considered it very personal, but Kirk Hammett, another member of Metallica, listened to it and loved it, so finally they decided to include the song in the “Black Album”.

This song was played with the Symphonic Orchestra of San Francisco and it was also played in a concert dedicated to Fredie Mercury when he died.
Since this song has been published a lot of artists, like Apocalyptica, Lucie Silvas and White Raven recorded new versions of the original song.

Nowadays this song is considered, according to James H. a song dedicated to all his fans who fall in love.

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