Clauses of Contrast: Connectors and Online Practice

This is a small presentation I have made for my students using a new online tool, which is basically a tool for creating flyers. As it happens with  most online tools  originally designed for other purposes, it has a lot of potential for creating beautiful content for our classes. You can add text, pictures, audio, videos… etc , and  you can also embed a link, which in the specific case of  this presentation is a great help.

I hope you find this presentation on connectors of contrast useful. At the end of the flyer, you will be able to test your knowledge with some online exercises. Special attention requires  the punctuation before or after these connectors.


4 thoughts on “Clauses of Contrast: Connectors and Online Practice

  1. Hi Lydia
    I’m sorry you are having problems with the presentation, but I have checked and double-checked and it’s working fine on my end!

  2. Unfortunately the link to the presentation does not appear. I have tried on 2 computers… but nothing… There is the image of the character sandwiched between two boards, but it is not clickable. Am I missing something? Thank you! Lydia.

  3. Thanks Laura. I’m really interested in knowing a bit more about this master you’re taking, so I’m going to try to get in touch with you via email.Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Hello Cristina. I came across your blog through Facebook. I’ve been having a look at the contents this morning and they are really useful. I’m an English teacher of sec. education in Spain, and I’m also interested in new technologies for teaching. Thank you for the ressources you share, I’m doing a Master of ICT for foreign languages and I didn’t know many of the Pages and tools you use.


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