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English E-Books- a Site to Read and Download Adapted Books with Audio

Ebook Readers or traditional books? What’s your choice?

I am a bookworm. I love reading  though it has not always been like that. There used to be a time when I only had time, and this unwillingly, to read the compulsory books my Literature teachers thought were essential to my upbringing, if I may use this word. And believe me, each of these unforgettable  teachers had a long list in mind! As my school years faded in memory, so did my laziness -called it boredom-to start reading again and one day I found myself with a long list of books waiting in queue to be read, only this time I was willing.

Why did I cross to the dark side and stopped buying paper books? I think this is easy to guess, dear readers, I am still an avid reader  but I have more books than shelf space  and that’s the sad truth.

And you, are you like me or do you still  prefer paperbooks? If you prefer e-books, then I’m sure you’ll find this site very interesting

English E-Books  has been created to help people learn English  by reading adapted books – one of the best and interesting ways to increase your vocabulary. Here you can find English ebooks of different levels, from elementary to advanced  in epub, mobi, fb2, rtf and txt formats and very often you can also download the audiobook.

Nice stuff to use for evaluating compulsory reading

I am a bookworm and have been so for a long, long time. Not a single day in my life goes by without reading. I like to discover my own books. I don’t want to be talked about endlessly about how good a book is, I’ll for sure end up not reading it ( this has just happened to me with the Grey’s series).  I like books that lure me in immediately.  Books that enable me to forget I have to cook my children’s dinner. Books I can’t put down. Books that even when I turn over the last page, its characters stay with me for a while, characters that have lunch with me and make me wish they had been real.

I feel that everyone has to choose their own books. That’s maybe why I keep putting off asking my students to read their compulsory reading books, normally adaptations from the classics which never come up to anybody’s expectations. I’d rather go to the school library with my students and ask them to select a book of their liking.

This term I have decided to use these cards to work with their compulsory readings. If you go through them, you’ll realize that most of the cards encourage creative thinking or reading with a purpose.  I don’t know who created them as I found them on Pinterest and the link leads to a google docs account with no name. So, I apologize for not giving you credit if you are the owner and I thank you for this wonderful material.