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Simple Present and Present Continuous: Grammar and Exercises

Tired of always looking for exercises for different grammar points I have started putting together everything I need, related to a certain point of grammar, on the same page.

Today I have uploaded two more: Present Simple and Present ContinuousTense. I have gathered together Grammar and Exercises .

Hope it is as helpful to you as it is to me. Now, I can safely take them to the computer room, ask them to go to this url where they’ll find everything they need to work on. Very useful too, to do as homework or revise just before exams at their own pace.

♥Click Present Simple and /or Present Continuous to start practising!!!

Teaching teens: Present Simple and continuous

The first video is very easy to understand and though grammar is not explained as such  students, at the end of this short video,are perfectly aware of  how to use these two tenses.

The next video is a bit longer and it has different sketches, so if I’m running short of time I might decide not to use all of them.

Questions for the different sketches, click here