Lesson Plan : Money

Level: Intermediate

Step 1.  Warm up

A: Students watch the video. Unless they beg for more, I would just play  the first  15 seconds, enough for students to focus on the pronunciation of the word “money”  which  they tend to mispronounce, and on the  chorus  Money makes the World Go Round, which students will later need to discuss.

B: This second warm up is a great one. I got it straight from George Chilton‘s blog Designer Lessons  I copy/paste from him- , which I highly recommend.

Ask your students how they would spend a day in their city/town/village without spending any money. What activities could they do? They’re not allowed to stay at home, they have to be out of the house for the whole day.

Put them in small groups and get them to come up with a plan of the day – from 10am until 8pm. Conditions – They are allowed to drink water from city water fountains and any food that they find. They should present their plans at the end of this activity.

Step 2. A Bit of Fun with Translation.

Previous to this exercise students have  studied  Vocabulary related  to money, so now it’s their time to show what they have learned.

Students work in  pairs or in threes. To make things easier for me, I’ll provide them with slips of paper so that when the time’s up they can raise it up and I can have a quick check. Sentences with mistakes will be automatically discarded and the correct translations will get one point. Time limit: 90 seconds.


Step 3. Speaking. Speed Dating Technique.

♥Photo and explanation of the  here 

♥Money Questions here


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