Sade: pure magic

I had to choose a singer, it would undoubtedly be her. I absolutely love this woman! The beautiful sweet Sade /ʃɑːˈdeɪ /is the lead vocalist of the English group, Sade, and I’ve been addicted to her music ever since I heard her song  Smooth Operator back in 1984. I’ve got lots of favourite songs but two of my favourites are By your side and Is it a crime? “

My love is wider, wider than Victoria Lake
My love is taller, taller than the Empire State

Now, after 10 years in retirement  she’s just released her new album “Soldiers of Love” and she’s as good as ever but  I want   to  show you  what made me fall in love with her music. I was very young when I watched the music video of The Sweetest Taboo but I was mesmerized by her beauty, her elegance and her incredible voice.I’m convinced that Sade’s music  will be in my life for ever.

This song is probably not her best one but I think it very well shows the essence of Sade and what made me fall in love with the sound of her music.

1 thought on “Sade: pure magic

  1. I haven´t listened this song since many years ago, but I like it.However, when I was listening to it, another one has come to my mind so, welcome to our section YESTERDAY,TODAY, TOMORROW´S SONGS.The song is SIGN YOUR NAME by TERENCE TRENT D´ARBY, I liked it when I couldn´t
    understand it and now I like it more.I didn´t even saygoodbye to you in the last class so this is my way to say “Thank you I have came back to English World”.Well, that´s all folks.I´ll keep in touch with you on this blog ,bye for now and best fishes.(last joke )

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