6 thoughts on “That’s all for now , folks!!

  1. Here is the pain man again, yesterday I tried to tell you something, I was laughing my head off while I was reading your email because you were absolutely right, I´m a bit lazy .However,this year ,I´ve done more than the last twenty so I´m glad of that.The other day, while I was cleaning my garage, I found my oldish English diplomas.Trinity College of London First Level 1983,Primero E.O.I. 1985,P.E.T. Cambridge 1989 and then after that a big black hole 1989/2009.Anyway, now I´m trying to do it and this is important for me.It´s a challenge and even a scape from the dailyroutine and also a very good brain exercise.
    well that´s all from the pain man, perhaps I´m not an English slave but the song is good, isn´t it? See you soon !!

  2. Read the post I have just published to see why the role play videos are not working. Bad timing!!
    By the way I didn’t get any email. send it again!

  3. How are things!
    Yesterday, I sent you a mail to answer your funny words but today I can´t see it here.Maybe there was a problem.What a pity! It was like the Holy Bible.If you didn´t receive it I´ll send you again.Anyway, today I want to talk you about the roles play exercises that we have on the web because some of them don´t work.Only is working the train station´s role play.
    See you!

  4. Gosh!! I had no clue you dedicated so much time to studying English. Off you go!! Free!!;-) But don’t forget to revise from time to time during the summer. Good luck for the oral test!

  5. This is a song to celebrate the end of the course:”I´m free” by “The Soup Dragons”.It´s perfect to wish you luck for the exams.

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