6 thoughts on “That’s all for now , folks!!

  1. Here is the pain man again, yesterday I tried to tell you something, I was laughing my head off while I was reading your email because you were absolutely right, IĀ“m a bit lazy .However,this year ,IĀ“ve done more than the last twenty so IĀ“m glad of that.The other day, while I was cleaning my garage, I found my oldish English diplomas.Trinity College of London First Level 1983,Primero E.O.I. 1985,P.E.T. Cambridge 1989 and then after that a big black hole 1989/2009.Anyway, now IĀ“m trying to do it and this is important for me.ItĀ“s a challenge and even a scape from the dailyroutine and also a very good brain exercise.
    well thatĀ“s all from the pain man, perhaps IĀ“m not an English slave but the song is good, isnĀ“t it? See you soon !!

  2. Read the post I have just published to see why the role play videos are not working. Bad timing!!
    By the way I didn’t get any email. send it again!

  3. How are things!
    Yesterday, I sent you a mail to answer your funny words but today I canĀ“t see it here.Maybe there was a problem.What a pity! It was like the Holy Bible.If you didnĀ“t receive it IĀ“ll send you again.Anyway, today I want to talk you about the roles play exercises that we have on the web because some of them donĀ“t work.Only is working the train stationĀ“s role play.
    See you!

  4. Gosh!! I had no clue you dedicated so much time to studying English. Off you go!! Free!!;-) But don’t forget to revise from time to time during the summer. Good luck for the oral test!

  5. This is a song to celebrate the end of the course:”IĀ“m free” by “The Soup Dragons”.ItĀ“s perfect to wish you luck for the exams.

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