Written by Sandra Garcia Corte , 4º year

To start with, I have to tell you that I have been to many weddings in my life since I was a little child. This is because my mother has a lot of first cousins. In fact, they can be more than 20 ! 

Anyway, despite me having gone to so many weddings, I just really enjoyed my self in the first one.

I was with my aunt in my grandma’s house one day, when the door bell rang. It was my aunt’s boyfriend wanting to tell her something extremely important… As everyone was expecting (except my aunt) he showed her a beautiful golden engagement ring !  Of course, she said Yes !

The wedding took place three months later. (I was six years old). It was on the 4th of February and to  everyone’s surprise  it had snowed a lot the week before. Fortunately, that Saturday, the sun was shining.

The groom arrived before the bride. He was wearing tails and my mother was with him because she was the maid of honour. Half an hour later, the bride arrived. She looked gorgeous with her beautiful white dress and veil covering her face. I was one of the bridesmaid and my cousins were page boys.

More...They got married in a small chapel in the countryside. My grandfather, who was the best man walked the bride down the aisle. During the ceremony they pronounced the vows and exchanged silver coins, as usual. The significance of this ritual is sharing the worldly goods.

After the service, they stood outside for photographs for a long time. As they were leaving the Church, the guests threw rice over them. Besides,  my aunt threw her bouquet of flowers over her shoulder towards the crowd.

Then, we went along for the reception. We stood on the grass, by the river outside the restaurant and everyone drank cider and champagne for hours!

Later on, we entered the restaurant to have lunch; we took places. When the bride and groom came in looking wonderful, everyone stood up to welcome them with lights ! The meal consisted of 3 or 4 courses. After the meal, the couple decided to cut the wedding cake together. As they were cutting it, my dad proposed a toast. Afterwards, the best man gave the first speech. It was about the fact that  in marriage, you have to give and take… Finally, we danced the whole afternoon and even the whole night.

The next week the new couple left for their honeymoon to Egypt !!