What is Texting?
Texting is, according to dictionaries, the process of sending and receiving written messages using the mobile phone. But it is more than that, it has become a written language not only used when sending SMS messages but also when writing e-mails or in the popular chat rooms. So it is increasingly becoming necessary to know some of the basics of this particular language.
Acronyms such as CUL8R or PCM, standing for “see you later” or “please call me” as so popular now that it would seem you don’t know proper English unless you are able to understand them.
But it is not only being used in the conversational style of the Internet but these shortcuts are also being used in every possible piece of writing, especially by teenagers. I am aware that a lot of teachers are beginning to get seriously worried when they see assignments full of these shortened words and are warning their students that they will be taking points off if they use them. They are worried students won’t be able to draw the line between formal and informal conversational writing.
Have a look at this post- it and try to work out what it says.

In a way, it is quite funny. It is like solving an equation.
Here you have a list of the most popular acronyms

2 = To/Two/Too                             2DAY = Today
2MORO = Tomorrow                    2NITE = Tonight
AFAIK =As Far As I Know         ALWZ = Always
ASAP = As Soon As Possible     ASL = Age, Sex, Location
B =Be                                                   B4 = Before
C =See                                                CM= Call me
CU@= See you at                          CUL8R = See You Later
Dur? = Do you remember         EZY =Easy
F? =Friends?                                  F2F = Face to face
GR8 = Great!                                 GUDLUK = Good luck
H&K =Hugs and kisses               h2cus = Hope to see you soon
HRU =How are you                    I M W8TNG =I am waiting
IAD8 =It’s a date                         IC =I See ,I understand                 IDK = I don’t know
ILU2 = I love you, too             IUSS = If you say so
J4F =Just for fun                       JK =Just kidding
KIT = Keep in touch                LOL = Laughing Out Loud
Mob = Mobile                            MU =Miss you
NE = Any                                     NE1 = Anyone
NITING = Anything               PCM = Please call me
PLS = Please                              PLZ 4GV ME = Please forgive me
PTB = Please Text Back        RUOK = Are you OK?
shopN =Shopping                  SME1 =Someone
SO = Significant other ( boy/ girlfriend ) SPK 2 U L8R = Speak to you later
SRY = Sorry                            T2Go = Time to go
THX =Thank You                  W@ =What
W4M =Wait for me               WRU = Where are you?
WUF = Where r u From?    XO = Kiss and a hug
Y =Why?


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  1. ok!

    ASAP I will send U
    a new sms with the hour
    i want 2 cu 2day,
    can u w8 4 me @ the station?

    C U l8r, txt me!

  2. aFaiK u have a science exam 2MoRo…DuR? & 2DaY is thursday! LoL NeWay SpK 2 U L8R.
    GuDLuK! H&K irma

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