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I can’t imagine life without music but much though I love listening to it when I’m driving, working, relaxing or having fun, you won’t see me bringing music to the classroom just because. There is always a reason to choose the song I ask my students to sing. It could be either because it contains a certain structure we are working with or because of its vocabulary or its phonetics, but there is always a reason
This is why when I bumped into this site I was thrilled as it offers the possibility of typing words or idioms or structures as you might expect to get them in the lyrics. The lyrics of about 470000 songs are stored so the hard part is choosing which of these songs you would like to work with. Then you click on your choice to see the paragraphs that it appeared in, the title of the song and the singer and sometimes a clip from
In this case I was looking for a song containing Adjectives with too and enough and this is what I found.

You might be interested in having a look at these songs:

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  1. Thank you Barbara for your kind offer. And yes, please, I will be delighted to have a look at your compilation. I’m sure I will be using some of them.
    You can also have a look at some of the songs I have published, though I haven’t had the time to put them together under the right heading in the menu bar, but you can see them by clicking on the levels: Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Advanced in the menu bar.

  2. Dear Cristina,

    As I teach teenagers (12-15), a lot of my teaching is also based on pop songs. In fact, at the beginning of the new school year I ask them to write the title of their favourite English song on a sheet of paper that I pass around. I then collect the list of their favourite songs and go through a painstaking process of looking up their lyrics on the internet and clearing the list by eliminating those songs with inappropriate lyrics. Then, once a week I try to teach something through one of their favourite songs.

    I have also compiled a list of song titles together with the relevant teaching point. I can send it to you, if you like.


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