What makes a good friend?

You can expect to make 363 mates during your life but you’ll only be able to call six of them your true friends, a survey has found.
Ten thousand people were quizzed to find out how we make and break friends.

The results showed that most of us will end up with a circle of about 30 close friends, with six of them being the ones we tell our innermost secrets to.

But what are the characteristics of a good friend? and Are you a good friend to your mates?
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2 thoughts on “What makes a good friend?

  1. Thank you ! And when I grow up I want to cook just like you or… , on second thoughts, have you cook for me ! 😉

  2. As I see it a good friend is one who not only knows how to listen, but also tries to understand your point of view. For example I have friends with which I don’t share the same opinions and ideas, but we try to understand and respect each other even though it comes off quite difficult sometimes. Another fact that I value so much in a good friend is not to lie.
    I prefer a friend saying things face to face if I’m doing something in a wrong way because although I get angry a little at first, I know they do it because they care about me and are just trying to help me. It is better than hearing one friend talking about you behind your back. In short ,I think the best characteristics in a friend are knowig how to listen, understanding and trust.

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