Saying my goodbyes or see you laters

And there we are again! The school year has finished and we are again saying our goodbyes . This year has been very special for me , professionally speaking. I don’t know whether I’ll be given the chance to ever work here again but it’ been really nice and this is my big thank you to everybody who’s made this year a really pleasant experience. I’ll be leaving for Malta  in a week’s time to do a course to Spice Up my Teaching so this blog is going on holidays until September. Hope to virtually see you then. Saying my goodbyes by cristina.cabal

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2 thoughts on “Saying my goodbyes or see you laters

  1. Cristina,
    I have been really pleased to meet you. I hope you can come back next year. You have been a nice, generous, clever, helpful, funny and so on… colleague. Thank you for every single thing.
    Take care.

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