Just the Word – more than a Thesaurus

Just The Word is more than an online dictionary or a thesaurus. It’s just the kind of help you need when you are writing.
Type a word into the box and JustTheWord will give you a detailed description of the company which that word keeps in modern-day English.

or help you find the information you need.In the right-hand frame you’ll find the parts of speech and the types of relation that the word is found in. If you’re looking for the right adjective to modify a noun you’ve chosen, click on the ‘ADJ mod <word>’ link. If you want a verb with the noun as its object, follow the ‘V obj <word>’ link.

Let’s imagine that you are not sure if you can say VERY MAGNIFICENT , just type the two words and click on enter. You’ll get the picture below ,where the red bar indicates that the combination is wrong and offers you alternatives.

These are some of the things you can do to get you started with Just the Word.