A Pirate Cake

I sometimes wonder when my passion for cooking started and I cannot truly say but it cannot be a very long time ago as I remember when I left home to go to university I didn’t even know how to fry an egg (well, maybe I knew how to fry an egg but certainly not how to cook rice) and then when I got married and didn’t have children I cooked rice on Monday and then I spent the whole week eating it (my husband wasn’t eating at home, lucky him !I should say and he might think). My husband was so encouraging that if you ask my friends about the early stages of my cooking they will surely tell you about a cheese cake I took to a dinner party. When they tried to eat the cake it was so uneatable they didn’t know what to do . I had just realized they were all chewing very slowly when my husband said. “Well, this is very nice , indeed !” And all of them burst out laughing. This is something they keep reminding me every now and then.Anyway, this is the birthday cake I did for my son’s birthday. I hope it gives you an idea if you have a kid’s birthday coming soon. You only need a bit of imagination and a lot of love.
This is how I did it. I bought a round three-layer cake at the supermarket and cut it down at the center. I glued the layers together with some sort of chocolate mousse and cut the bottom of these layers to make it sit level (you don’t want it rocking while you are decorating it). Finally , I covered with chocolate icing and the rest is up to your vivid imagination.