Caption Writing Contest

Surely you have seen lots of cartoons and pictures with a caption. Wouldn’t you like to  see your words winning this Caption Writing Contest? Well, here’s your chance! I  found this funny picture via Pinterest and I am willing to give away a Free Homework Pass to the winner of this Writing Contest.What on earth could these two dogs be saying to each other? Give me  your craziest, sarcastic, most creative, thoughtful or memorable  caption to go along with this picture and enjoy !! Be original and witty!! Deadline: 15th April (example below)

Some Things to Bear in Mind when Writing your Caption

♥It can be in any form of literary expression- prose, poetry.

♥It can be one word, a sentence, a word play

♥You may enter as many captions as you like

♥Captions have to be written in English

Some Help

When writing a comic, it might be helpful to know some common English interjections. Click here to see some of the most common

How to enter a comment

Click “Comment” and write your name, email address and your caption for the contest in the comment box, in English. Don’t forget to copy the Anti-Spam Word. Click Submit Comment.

Now this is the photograph. Good Luck and Happy Captioning!

25 thoughts on “Caption Writing Contest

  1. – WAIT, I’M THINKING! If you see the stars and the moon , what can I see ?

  2. Big dog:Huaaaaaaaaa.I´m very tired.What is your name,beautiful dog?

    Small dog:My name is Robert Robert Robert.I´m a hiperactive dog and I drink a lot of coffee.¡HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA¡I will not sleep

    Big dog:OH my god!I am very unlucky and I can´t sleep with this dog

  3. The little dog says:
    -You have big ears,a big nose, big eyes and a big mouth.Why?
    The big dog says:
    -My big ears are to listen to you,my big nose is to smell you better,my big eyes are to see you better and my big mouth is to eat to you.mmmmm! Delicious!

  4. Admiration is the excuse of those who can not move on, the best admiration is the wisdom that allows us to build the mirrors where we want to see ourselves someday.

  5. -AAAhhh !Don´t tickle me in the leg
    -Oh dad !I can´t see anything from here! let me get on your back!

  6. BIG DOG:How tall are you?
    SMALL DOG:Your three centimeters divided by two plus five minus fifty seven adding and dividing by five.

  7. (Dogs represent people)
    The smallest person could be the best help for the biggest one.

  8. Little dog: Everything small grows bigger and everything big grows small
    Big dog: I now but you have a very big heart…

  9. The little dog says:
    -Hey boy!! Be careful if you walk by the king’s palace! I heard that he hunts elephants…!!

  10. Big dog: Ohh!! In Spain there are a lot of little dogs

    Small dog:Yes! The cuts also affect dogs!

  11. little dog -What is this?It is a monster! I am going to die.

    big dog -No little dog! I’m you father.

    little dog -But it is imposible you are very big!!.

    big dog -And you, but I’m bigger than you!

  12. Little dog (thinking): Wow,wow,wow!!! What a HUGE dog!!!
    Big dog: Hello tiny, fluffy thing!!. My name’s Pretty Little Princess, and yours???

  13. the littel dog- woow¡¡ One mountain! and it can talk!

    the big dog- I’m not a mountain! I am a big dalmata ,a very big dalmata

  14. Little dog: I am shorter than you so that is why I am the favourite, and you?
    Big dog: Wow,Wow! You win this time!!

  15. ey care pequeeñajo me I beat you in every way, you out 100 meters DWARF ey trunk, which I ignore these? go go JEJE you think you can beat me That I’m JAJAJAJA Little Man.

  16. – What are you looking at little dog?

    – I am 7 times stronger than you.

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