Listening Comprehension: What Makes Beyoncé Tick

I have very much enjoyed listening to Beyoncé in this long interview and I thought maybe my students would be interested in knowing a bit more about this superstar. Here’s the whole video but I have only used a three-minute section . (from 1,32 to 3.37)

Now read the questions and see how many you can answer. Don’t worry if you cannot understand everything the first time.  Listen ,at least three times, before giving up and clicking here to see the answers.

She’s made the decision not to do certain things. Which are mentioned?

How does she feel about her success?

What was Beyoncé’s father’s job?

What was Beyoncé’s mother’s job?

How long has Beyoncé been performing?

How old was she when she became professional?

Who were her pop idols when she was a young girl?

How does she feel when she is on stage?

How old was she when the quartet Destiny Child was formed?

♥Destiny Child spent a lot of time on the bus while on tour, what did they read?