Are you a Cat or a Dog Person?

Well, this person you are going to see in the video is ,without doubts, crazy about cats. This is what would happen to me if I had to live with even one cat , let alone 130 as this lady… no wonder she’s called the crazy cat lady. Hey! No offence meant I’m just repeating what everybody seems to think about her.Honestly speaking, I admire what she does and I only wish I had the guts to do the same with my beloved dogs.
Now watch the video and if you fancy answering some questions about it. Click here

And as we are on the subject , how about learning some idioms containing ” cat and/or dog” ?
From the popular ” it’s raining cats and dogs” there’s a wide range of idioms containing these two words. I’m just going to write the ones easy to remember and whose meaning can easily be inferred from context, but bear in mind there are plenty of others.

The 32-year-old actress spent a large proportion of the week playing cat and mouse with the press
We were planning a surprise birthday party but Jack let the cat out of the bag and now she knows about it
I had a dog’s life at school: I was always being beaten.
After years of neglect, the old artist’s work was recognised and honoured: every dog has his day.

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