Songs to Practise Listening

I am one of those you can see driving and tapping the steering wheel while singing at the top of their voices. I am also the kind who sings in the shower and while pedalling in the spinning class. Yes, I should probably say that music runs through my veins:)

Some students ,at the end of the course ,  have asked me for some extra listening practice .I guess they are worried they might become unskilled at an ability they have worked so hard to improve , and it is perfectly understandable.  You might not agree  with me here , and it obviously depends on the student,but to those who pass exams with flying colours I always recommend  that they listen to music ,  read the lyrics,sing along and have fun while still practising their listening and pronunciation skills.  It’s good practice and it is also good for your health. Come on! If you have passed , don’t you think you deserve a break?

Now,while  I am not trying to talk anybody into listening a certain kind of music, it is pretty obvious that some songs are less than adequate for this practise. This is my selection . Have a very happy summer! I’ll be back in October!

1 thought on “Songs to Practise Listening

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