Word of the Day: stressed or stressful?

Probably some  of the most popular words in nowadays society where we are always running to and fro and with little time to unwind.

Aren’t some people always complaining of suffering from stress, of having had a very stressful day or feeling very stressed?

  • Stress  is a noun.
  • Stressed and Stressful are both adjectives .

What’ the difference between Stressed and Stressful?

The difference between them is the same that exists between other pair of adjectives ending in -ed and -ing  such as interesting/interested, bored/boring, tired/tiring , annoyed/annoying…etc. Let’s see this difference:

1. Adjectives ending in -ed  express how someone feels about something (stressed)

I am interested in this book  or I am really annoyed today

2. Adjectives ending in -ing describe the thing or situation  that causes the emotion. (stressful)

It was a boring film or  The teacher’s explanation was confusing

The adjective STRESSED can be explained  as belonging  to the first group of adjectives (bored,interested…)  and STRESSFUL as belonging to the second group  (boring, interesting…)

  • Stressing is just the -ing form of the verb To Stress

Stop stressing me, please!!!

Hope it helps you improve! 🙂

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