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Good morning folks!! I hope you are having a great week!!! Me?? So far, I can’t complain!!

Here we go once again with an activity where you ‘ll need to use your writing abilities in a game . Have a look at the mosaic below; I guess you’ll recognise most of our celebrities but if you don’t , don’t hassle , for this game you’ll need to write about one of them .


Aim: to describe both, physical  appearance and personality, of one of the celebritities in the mosaic  without mentioning their name.


♥ Choose one of the celebrities  and without mentioning who he/she is ,write a description of both physical appearance and personality.

♥ Don’t forget to use adverbs of degree  : quite, slightly, a bit, a little

♥ Show off, I guess you can see the difference between these two sentences: I think she is 70 years old  and I think she’s a 70-year-old woman. You are an Intermediate student, let the whole world know!

♥ Write a maximum of eight lines. See what other students have done here

♥You think you have finished? Right, you haven’t !! Now,  read what you have written several times to correct grammatical and spelling errors .

♥Now that you are confident everything is Ok, click on the “leave a comment” section and write your description.

♥In class, all descriptions will be read and the celebrities guessed. Enjoy! 😉





33 thoughts on “Guess Who!

  1. This a person is a lady. She is very smart and goes to many TV shows. Sometimes she talks about fashion , says she has a lot of money because her husband left her all his money. She is always smiling and going to lots of parties with important people.

  2. I am going to talk about a singular man. He is a 40-year-old manager, journalist, writer, singer, actor and guest in a TV programme.

    Physically, he is slightly skinny and tall. He has got long straight dark hair. His eyes are dark as well. Moreover, he has got pale skin ,some tattoos and he usually wears black clothes.

    Regarding his personality, he is quite talkative and very cheerful. He is always laughing. He is an extrovert man and he is famous for appearing in some TV programmes and in a reality. In this reality, he appears with his wife, who is a very popular singer too, and they show their lifestyle. They even show their wedding on the programme. In addition, he has got a music band and he is the singer. But it isn’´t a serious band…
    In conclusion, he is a very extravagant person, who loves drink beer.

  3. I am going to describe a person who has been twenty years in his profession. He has got short dark hair. I think that his hair is receding a bit because he is not as young as before ,but in this picture he has got a fringe. I think he is muscular because he trains every day. He is quite tall, around one metre eighty cm, more or lees. He usually wears gloves in his hands when he is working . He has got a girlfriend, but they are not married. The person I am describing has got a son whose name is Martín. Sometimes he shows photos of his son and girlfriend in social nets. Last year there was a lot of controversy between him and another teammate, but this year things are more relaxed.

  4. The person I want to describe has long blonde hair and I think she is around 55 years old. She is a bit tall and thin .
    She looks good and is very smiley . She is very cheerful and talkative .
    She appears to be a funny person and very smart (she has two degrees) ; she has also worked in many jobs : as a presenter , an actress , a dancer …
    She is famous for her appearances in bikini on the beach.

  5. He’s a white man and he’s forty-nine years old. He has got a beard and a moustache. He’s got shoulder-length straight dark hair, but he hasn’t got any hair on the top of his head. His eyes are brown and he uses glasses. He’s an overweight man and he isn’t a handsome man. He’s of medium height.
    About his personality, I think he’s a talkative and funny person. He’s very clever too because he can do many different things in his work in film or television.
    Who is he?

  6. This description is about a famous person from Spain. This celebrity is a man whose age is forty.
    He is tall and slim and he has pale skin. He has long straight black hair and he likes to dress in a dowdy rock style.
    His personality is interesting because he’s a very creative and original person as he works in television, sings in a music group and his friends are designers, artists and actors.
    He’s also generous because he likes to be with his friends and share everything with them.

  7. I am going to describe a 28-year-old man.
    He is a strong man with muscular arms and legs because he is a popular sportsman. Also, he has got long dark hair.
    About his character, he looks very cheerful, friendly and kind. He is very optimistic and strong so he wins a lot of matches. He is a sensitive person and always helps others whenever he can. He is a great example for children.

  8. This person is a 50-year-old film actor, screenwriter, producer, director and showman.
    He is fat and on the top of his head he hasn’t got any hair although he has long hair on the rest of his head. He has a beard and glasses.
    He always wears t-shirts with the name of the film he is working on.
    He is friendly, but he is a little bit grumpy. I think he is very funny because he makes a lot of jokes. I also think he is clever.

  9. The person that I am going to describe is a thirty-three year-old famous man in Spain and the world because he is an important sportsman.
    In my opinion, he is handsome and interesting, kind with the press and fans, serious in his work and friendly.
    He is tall and muscular, has brown eyes and short straight brown hair. His nose and his ears are a little bit big.

  10. She has long straight blonde hair and sometimes she wears a ponytail.
    Her skin is very pale. She has big lips. I think she’s plain. She is medium height but she has put on weight recently. She’s a bit plump.
    I think she’s a 40-year-old woman. She’s very tense and very talkative sometimes.
    She’s usually a bit serious but I think she’s quite sincere.

  11. She has long straight blonde hair and sometimes she wears a ponytail.
    Her skin is very pale. She has big lips. I think she’s plain. She is medium height and she has put on weight recently. She’s a bit plump.
    I think she’s a 40-year-old woman. She’s very tense and very talkative sometimes.She’s usually a bit serious but I think she’s quite sincere.

  12. My celebrity is a 29-year-old handsome boy. He has short, dark hair. He is tall, about 1 metre 85 and his skin is dark brown. He also has broad shoulders and very muscular arms. He has some tattoos in his body.
    This boy is quite hard-working, strong and reliable. But sometimes he is slighty ambitious and inflexible, because he always wants to be the best in the world.
    He has a very pretty girlfriend. She is a famous model and she makes a lot of underwear advertisements.
    He plays in the best football team of the world. They won the match against their eternal opponent last Saturday.

  13. This person is a man. I think he is a 40-year-old man.This celebrity is the husband of
    a 70´s famous Mexican singer, although he is a singer too. He works in many TV programs.
    He is tall, slim and a bit plain. He has got very pale skin and he always wears make -up. He has got several tattoos. He has got long straight dark hair.
    In my opinion, this man is quite extrovert, very talkative, friendly and funny.I think that he is a sensible person.

  14. This celebrity is a sportsman. He’s a 33-year-old man.
    He’s a famous football player, I think he’s the best.
    His girlfriend is a very beautiful woman, she’s a famous sports reporter.
    He’s tall and muscular. He’s a good-looking smart man.
    He has short straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a dark brown beard.
    I think he’s friendly, generous, honest and reliable.
    This year he has had a son.

  15. This person is a funny guy. He is known in Spain for his films. He is about fifty years old.
    He is tall and hairless, but he isn’t very worried about his physical appearance. He needs to use glasses too.
    He is a well-known director, producer, screenwriter and actor in Spain. He is married and he has two daughters.

  16. The woman I want to describe was married to a famous bullfighter. She works in a famous TV programme.
    I think she is a 40-year-old-woman.
    She is medium height, a bit overweight and not very pretty. She has long, straight, blond hair.
    She is a very sensitive, nervous, talkative person.When she talks about her daughter she can be a very emotional person.

  17. This person is a good-looking man. He’s a thirty-two-year-old famous singer. He participated in a TV programme thirteen years ago and he ended up being third . Now, he’s married to a beautiful actress and they’ve a daughter.
    He’s medium height, about 1 metre 75 and very muscular. He has short straight dark brown hair. He also has small dark brown eyes and he has a tattoo on his right shoulder.
    In my opinion, he’s quite cheerful, because he is always smiling, pleasant, very talkative and friendly with everybody, especially with his fans.
    I love all his songs and I think he is one of the best voices in this country,

  18. He’s a twenty-eight-year-old famous sportsman.He’s very tall, one metre eighty, and quite strong.
    Usually, he has short dark hair, but sometimes he wears his hair a bit longer.
    He has slightly slanted brown eyes.
    I think that he’s really a lovely person, humble and very friendly with the journalists and with people. He’s very generous. In fact, he collaborates with humanitarian causes, always. I love him!!
    But, I’m quite sad because next month I will go to see The London Masters and my favourite tennis player is not going to be in competition…

  19. He is a showman and a singer too. He´s middle aged, he´s 40 years old. He´s tall, about 1.80 and slim. Perhaps, he´s a bit skinny. He has got pale skin and several tatoos on his chest and shoulders. He has long straight black hair.He is cheerful, talkative, warm and friendly.

  20. Well, my celebrity is a man.I think he’s a 27-year-old man.He has black hair and brown eyes.
    He’s short and thin.He’s young and friendly.He’s a bit shy and quite humble, in my opinion.This person is considered the best player in the world.He’s a football player and he’s from Argentine.

  21. This person is a guy. He is a footballer and I think he’s a 27-year-old man. He is a bit plain and he’s short about 1 metre 60 and very muscular because he practises a lot of sport. The man has got short, straight, dark brown hair and dark eyes. He also has broad shoulders.
    This person is a little shy but gets on well with many people. He is quite generous with people who need money and quite hard-working because he loves his profession. Many people think he is a bit stupid but it is not true. He is famous because he trains with Barcelona football club.He is not married but his girlfriend is a model and they have got a son.

  22. In this photo I can see a 40-year-old guy.
    He’s very tall and thin. He has long straight dark hair and he has many tattoos.
    I think he’s friendly, optimistic and very cheerful. He’s very talkative because he talks a lot.
    He works on TV programs which make people laugh. He’s a singer in a pop group and he married his wife in Las Vegas.
    In my opinion, he’s a bit crazy.

  23. The person I’d like to describe is a 59-year-old man, who works on TV. He is medium height and a little bit slim; his hair is black, short and straight.
    He usually dresses in the same way, one of the things that characterizes him are his suspenders; he always wears a pair of them; and he also wears a shirt.
    In his program, he talks about the government with a satirical and humoristic touch which sometimes is not welcomed by the media.

  24. He is a 29-year-old famous sportsman who was born in the Portuguese island of Madeira. I’m not sure if he is more famous for his work or for his body. He’s very tall and has broad shoulders, like all his body ’cause he’s very muscular. He has short black hair that is combed with hair gel.His eyes are brown. Some people say that he is handsome, but I think that he is an ugly boy.
    I think he is quite unpleasant and unkind, and at the same time very ambitious and dishonest, and he never smiles, as if he was a miserable person. He seems like the kind of person I don’t get on well with

  25. I think he´s a thirty-year-old artist. He is medium height and he is very muscular. He is into sports.
    He has got short straight black hair. He also has a nice smile with a little beard, and quite dark skin.
    Describing his character he is always cheerful. I think he is kind and friendly but sometimes he is slightly tense and angry with the journalists and the photographers when he is with his wife and his daughter in his free time. He is very much in love and always speaks about them.

  26. He is a 32-year-old famous singer.
    In my opinion, he is an attractive man. He is not very tall but he is very muscular. I believe he must do a lot of sport every day. He has short straight black hair. I think he uses too much gel. His skin is quite tanned.
    He always has a big smile on his face; everyone knows that he is cheerful and friendly. I have to say that he seems to be very sensitive, for example every year he plays a solidary football match with his friends Villa and Fernando Alonso here in Asturias.

  27. I am going to describe a 59-year-old man. He works in a TV programme and he´s very popular.

    About his appearance, I think he´s medium height and build and he´s slightly plain. He has a big nose, a crooked smile and his eyes are blue. Moreover, he has short dark hair with a bit of grey hair in his sideburns and his eyebrows are quite bushy.

    About his character, he has quite an ironic humour, he´s funny and his face is very expressive. I can say he´s clever, talkative, and self-confident. He´s into politics.

    Who is he?

  28. He is a forty-year-old famous guy. He has got long straight black hair and very pale skin. He looks like a zombie.
    He is tall and I think he is terribly thin. He always wears black clothes. He looks very cheerful, nice, kind and friendly.
    He is famous because he is married with a popular singer. Both are slightly eccentric and he admits that he is bisexual.

  29. The person who I’ll describe is a 28 year-old tennis player. In my opinion, the best tennis player in the world.
    He’s quite good-looking, very tall and muscular with tanned skin, and he has short dark hair and brown eyes and a nice smile too.
    At first, when he started playing tennis, he looked quite shy with journalists, but nowadays he’s more extrovert and talkative in his interviews.
    I think that he’s so generous, friendly and warm with his family and friends that all of them love him a lot.

  30. This person was the king of Spain.He is old. Spanish people love him. He is a seventy-six- year-old king.

    He is tall.He had fair hair but now it is grey.He always wears a tie.

    He was proclaimed king on November 22, 1975, after the death of Francisco Franco, according to the Act of Succession to the Head of State, 1947.He brought democracy to Spain after many years of dictatorship.

    He married the queen Sofia.She is a seventy-five-year- old queen.she is tall and very nice

  31. She’s an elegant rich woman. Most people know her because they see her on T.V programs and magazines.
    I think she’s a 55-year-old woman. She’s medium height and quite slim. She has got long wavy fair hair and brown eyes. She’s a woman who cares a lot about her body.
    I think she’s friendly and pleasant. She seems a relaxed person. I also think she’s clever and self confident.
    She always wears elegant clothes.

  32. The person is a man. He is a forty-nine year-old TV presenter. He is very warm and pleasant with the people who go to his program.
    He is not very tall. I think he is medium height and very slim because he practices sport , so he is fit. He has short straight light brown hair and blue eyes. He has a beard too but it is not the same colour, it is red.
    His program is late in the evening and it is a lot of fun. In my opinion ,he is quite talkative and cheerful because he is always laughing and smiling so you can not stop laughing when you see his tv show.

  33. This person is a guy. He is handsome, teenagers love him. He is a thirty-two-year-old artist.
    He is short and very muscular because he practises sport every day. He worries about his appearance . He has got short,black hair and his eyes are dark too.
    He is always cheerful.He likes his work a lot. He is very friendly and gets on very well with his public. He is famous because he participated in a TV programme a few years ago.
    He is married and he has got a daughter.His wife is well known too. She is pretty and slim. She is a thirty- seven year-old actress.

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