Word of the Day: It rocks!!!!!

So you want to sound like a native speaker???Tough mission though not impossible.

I should say  that when I first started learning English ,I was always advised not to use slang when speaking a foreign language . And though ,at that time, I didn’t give much thought to my teacher’s suggestion, I need to  say here that were it not for the fact that I would see myself as an oldish person ,I would give the same advice to you.  So, I’m  just going to close my mouth and let you make your own decisions.

It rocks!!!I am sure you’ve heard this expression  lots of times and didn’t  have a  clue about its meaning. Well, here I am to let you know!

If you say it rocks ... you mean it’s cool, awesome, great, fabulous,you love it….etc

So if you say You rock!  It means you’re fabulous!

    Brad Pitt?? he rocks!!!


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