Learning Languages : Speaking+ Vocabulary

The Speaking Test is knocking on your door? I have added two more Speaking+Vocabulary Speaking Lessons to the ever-growing list of Discussion Topics( check them out here); this time about Learning English. I hope they’re useful!

Learning a Language 

Learning English

2 thoughts on “Learning Languages : Speaking+ Vocabulary

  1. On several occasions I have had to speak English to some tourists because, in my opinion, many Englishmen don’t strive to speak other languages because they believe their language is the most important in the world and everyone speaks it. So as I like to learn English I have no problem talking with them,specially in touristic places . This summer holiday I went to Lanzarote , almost all the tourists were British and I always spoke to them in English.I was able to understand them very well because I’m better at listening than speaking but regardless, they understood me more or less.

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