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The Article in English: Explanation, Exercises and a Challenging Quiz

Although the use of the article in English seems a priori an easy subject to teach, the truth is that some students struggle with the use and omission of it.

What can you find in this post?

  • Intermediate level:
  1. Animated video with some rules on the use and omission of the articles “the, a/an”
  2. Some links to exercises from around the web to consolidate knowledge.
  • Advanced Level:
  1. An engaging quiz with feedback notes featuring some difficult cases related to the use and omission of articles.


Grammar. Watch the presentation. Pause it as often as necessary to understand and assimilate the rules.

Exercises: Links to interactive exercises  from around the web to consolidate knowledge.


The quiz


Common Errors 1

I am starting a series of posts on some common errors .These errors are mistakes B1/B2 students make.  I hope you find them helpful!

♥Read the sentence and identify the error

♥Rewrite the sentence correctly

♥Read the corrected version  and the grammar input after the  line.

The correct form is : The thief was sent to prison for two years

The definite article is used when referring to the building itself. When we  refer to “prison” as punishment , we do not use the article.

This also happens in common expressions such as “at school” ” in hospital” “ to church” when we are referring to the normal use of the building or place

I met her at school (when we were students)

I’ll meet you at the school ( the school as a meeting place)

My grandmother is in hospital ( as a patient)

I left my keys  at the hospital when I was visiting my gransmother

NOTE: In American English, university and hospital are always used with articles

Source: Practical English Usage (M: Swan) and Knockout Textbook

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