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Be My Valentine

Sorry to spoil all the fun but I’m totally one of those girls who doesn’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day. And it’s not because now I’m a grown woman who has been with the same guy it-seems-like- for- ever but because it is not a traditional Spanish celebration and I am …very Spanish in my celebrations so most of the times I am like.. Is it Valentine’s Day again? Well , I guess if you gave me flowers and some chocolate I wouldn’t complain but for me , at least in Spain, it is just a thing El Corte Ingles introduced in my country so that they could make more money .

Anyway, it is a good opportunity to post  some idioms about LOVE and also for a beautiful song.Here they go!

And my most admired Tracy Chapman with The Promise

Revising Relationship Verbs

I just couldn’t let it pass!  It is not Valentine Day but my fourth year students are working with Relationship Verbs. Bad choice, on the publishers’ side, to ask students to learn expressions related to love when it is time for final exams and they need to concentrate on exams. Now’s the time to hunker down and hit the books! Mental note to email MacMillan about this issue!!!

So, not the right time to learn about love but , anyway,it gives me  the chance to spice up my lessons  using  the WordCoud generator Tagul, which enables you to create beautiful shapes with your words.

The exercise…. , simple  and to the point as I am a bit pressed for time. Students revise vocabulary by looking at the wordcloud and guessing  the right expression.
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