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Quiz: Love is in the Air

Not a big fan here of St Valentine’s day, but… it is not about the day, it is about the language that comes with the day. So, very quickly I have put together a small quiz to teach/revise some expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs related to love and friendship, well… mostly about love.

Before the quiz, we will have some fun doing a listening comprehension on St Valentine’s using Edpuzzle (Go Live mode) and after doing the quiz, we will answer the questions below, in pairs. Please, bear in mind I teach adults.

1. Would you rather find out that your partner cheated on you while drunk once, but it doesn’t mean anything and will never do it again or never learn the truth about it?

2. Would you rather marry a funny person who was always poor or a boring person who was very rich?

3. Would you rather never have a best friend but have a long and happy marriage or never get married but have the closest and strongest friendships ever?  Questions from buzzfeed.com

And here’s the quiz. Enjoy it!!

Note of warning: This free website for making quizzes only allows 250 visits/month for free. So, if you get here and cannot see the quiz, I apologize in advance. Please, come back next month or on second thoughts, next St Valentine’s to do it.

Here’s the direct link:https://bit.ly/3QUDZ3g


Christmas Carols and Cristmas Cards

It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t sung any¬†Christmas Carols with my students . I might be wrong but I’ve always felt that although they might have been willing to learn about some cultural¬†issues , singing Carols was out of the question. But this year …. is my year for all these secret pleasures that I used to enjoy doing when I was in primary or secondary school.

That’s why with my elementary class¬† there is going to be a Christmas Cards competition¬† and we are also going to learn the Christmas Carol¬† ,Jingle Bells . We are going to practise really hard and delight¬†teachers¬†and students with our graceful singing. No kidding , some students sing really well!

Click to see some ideas for the cards.

Craft activities (Oxford)

Making a Pop-Up card (Oxford), Another Pop-Up Card (Artcare), Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card (Staiden)

And this is the carol we’re going to be singing.¬† Want to join us?