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Christmas Carols and Cristmas Cards

It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t sung any Christmas Carols with my students . I might be wrong but I’ve always felt that although they might have been willing to learn about some cultural issues , singing Carols was out of the question. But this year …. is my year for all these secret pleasures that I used to enjoy doing when I was in primary or secondary school.

That’s why with my elementary class  there is going to be a Christmas Cards competition  and we are also going to learn the Christmas Carol  ,Jingle Bells . We are going to practise really hard and delight teachers and students with our graceful singing. No kidding , some students sing really well!

Click to see some ideas for the cards.

Craft activities (Oxford)

Making a Pop-Up card (Oxford), Another Pop-Up Card (Artcare), Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card (Staiden)

And this is the carol we’re going to be singing.  Want to join us?

Lesson Plan: Verb “to be” and Interrogative Pronouns

It’s never  easy to find stimulating real-life   activities for elementary students but on one of the few ocassions I was watching TV  this week  I saw a TV commercial that  I thought I could use to revise the verb “to be” with my elementary students.
The ad campaign for 212VIP CH is led by the top Australian model Catherine McNeil and accompanying her on the TV commercial is Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. Enjoy!!

And now, let’s concentrate on Interrogative Pronouns with the help of the  invaluable Photopeach. This is for my youngest students .I hope it helps you !!

Kids Front: another cool website to have fun

I was searching the Net to nick pictures to do a hot potatoes exercise for my elementary students on parts of the body when I bumped into this cool site. It’s called Kids Front and although it’s for kids ,I’ve found plenty of funny exercises to use in my classes.

Shall I suggest: Form a New Word  or Homonyms or the more serious Match the Prefix ?


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