Lesson Plan: Verb “to be” and Interrogative Pronouns

It’s never  easy to find stimulating real-life   activities for elementary students but on one of the few ocassions I was watching TV  this week  I saw a TV commercial that  I thought I could use to revise the verb “to be” with my elementary students.
The ad campaign for 212VIP CH is led by the top Australian model Catherine McNeil and accompanying her on the TV commercial is Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. Enjoy!!

And now, let’s concentrate on Interrogative Pronouns with the help of the  invaluable Photopeach. This is for my youngest students .I hope it helps you !!

2 thoughts on “Lesson Plan: Verb “to be” and Interrogative Pronouns

  1. Hi there!! That’s just the kind of energetic song I need to hear before facing the “little devils”. Thanks for dropping by! When I come back and I get to be your teacher again, remind me you deserve a 10. (just joking!)

  2. Hi Cristina!
    How are things in “Little Hell”?.Well, this year we have a good group in class,Carmen,Nashira,Paula,Sandra and Jose Manuel from the last course, I think Nacho is on other timetable and I don´t know anything about Tatiana and Peter. I have funny discussions with Paula, you know.And finally today´s song : “Can´t repeat” by ” The Offspring”.I hope you like it.We are missing you in class so try to return(Je,JE.JE).See you soon!

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