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Tired of doing  boring exercises with relative sentences?  Have some fun and tell me: Is this sentence correct?

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5 thoughts on “That that that that that

  1. Thank you dear students for your replies.
    The right answer has been given by Oscar Seijo.Congratulations , Oscar!

    I think that(relative pronoun) that (similar to “this” and the singular of “those” )THAT ( the word “that”, like the word “boy”)that (relative pronoun) that (that student/this student) student wtote on the blackboard is wrong.

    Creo que ese “that” que ese estudiante escribió en la pizarra está mal.

  2. I think that that that that that teacher gave us is correct.
    I think that sentence which our teacher gave us is correct

  3. It is correct.It means that the student wrote the word “that” on the blackboard:”I think that the word written on the blackboard (THAT) by that student was wrong.”

    “I think that (that THAT) that (that student) wrote on the blackboard was wrong”

  4. We both think that that sentence is correct, because we translated it and it was true, all the “that” have a meaning:

    “yo pienso eso, que eso que ese estudiante escribio en la pizarra está mal”

    So..have we reason? 🙂

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