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  1. We both think that that sentence is correct, because we translated it and it was true, all the “that” have a meaning:

    “yo pienso eso, que eso que ese estudiante escribio en la pizarra está mal”

    So..have we reason? 🙂

  2. It is correct.It means that the student wrote the word “that” on the blackboard:”I think that the word written on the blackboard (THAT) by that student was wrong.”

    “I think that (that THAT) that (that student) wrote on the blackboard was wrong”

  3. I think that that that that that teacher gave us is correct.
    I think that sentence which our teacher gave us is correct

  4. Thank you dear students for your replies.
    The right answer has been given by Oscar Seijo.Congratulations , Oscar!

    I think that(relative pronoun) that (similar to “this” and the singular of “those” )THAT ( the word “that”, like the word “boy”)that (relative pronoun) that (that student/this student) student wtote on the blackboard is wrong.

    Creo que ese “that” que ese estudiante escribió en la pizarra está mal.

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