Google Set Labs: a language-based experiment

This little tool by google called Google Set Labs has lots of potential . It helps you to produce sets of items from a few examples so if you write a few items from a list of things it automatically creates a list of items from the same group.

I’ve decided to try with sports and personality adjectives and I wrote a few related-words as you can see from the pictures  below

Then , you can choose whether you want to a large set or a smalll set and it produces a massive list of words related to this area. It’s great for teachers to try to predict what sort of words related to a topic might be used in class and also great for students to try to extend their vocabulary.

Want to have a go at it??

2 thoughts on “Google Set Labs: a language-based experiment

  1. Wow!!! I am honoured that you’ve dropped by. I’ve been reading you for quite a long time . How did you find my blog?

  2. Wow! I really like the look of this tool and will try out with my students. It ‘looks’ like it’d be great for collocations – not sure yet as I haven’t tried it but from your description above looks very interesting!


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