Putting the emphasis on Emilia

Have you never heard about her? I’m sure you have. But even if you haven’t , if I hum the words” I’m a big, big girl…” you’ll probably think,” Yeah ,I know this song “or, at least, this small verse though maybe not the singer.

Why this song today? Well, the only reason is because I’ve been teaching Emphasis and it’s a good song to illustrate this point. I’m afraid that’s my only reason as she is not one of my favourites. “Sorry , Emilia ! I’ve heard you are on your way to the European Song Contest and I wish you well, you are just too soft for me”

Anyway, it is very good for students to see how the emphasis is placed on some words (actually, they can find three different ways).
But, why don’t you go to my website and do the exercises ? or alternatively ,if you are up to your eyes with homework , just enjoy it.
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