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I am a teacher, well I am an English teacher, and I do not know whether people might consider this an unusual job but it is.
And why the hell is it an unusual job? Some of you might be wondering, when the very first thing that comes to your mind is the outrageous amount of holidays teachers enjoy. Nothing is easier than being a teacher. You have to be mother, father, friend, counsellor, psychologist, actor, lawyer… You have to be motivating, energetic, enthusiastic, flexible, hard , understanding, strict, compassionate, well-mannered, well-meaning, well-balanced, well-educated, loving, tender….and you can never ever complain as you, as everybody knows, enjoy a scandalous amount of holidays. But /and this is why I love being a teacher.
But I have also cleaned windows, worked as a waitress (I was made redundant after two months), picked apples in a Canterbury Farm ( I was one of the fastest), been an au-pair of dearest David ( I wonder where he is now), worked in a pub….

Surfing the Net I have gathered this bunch of unusual occupations. One might think some of them are made up.
House sitting: This is quite simply moving into someone’s house while they are away, a kind of ‘live- in burglar alarm and someone to keep the house kept and warm. Could be for two weeks or six month’s, you don’t know.
Odor Judgers: Odor Judgers get to smell armpits all day to help make deodorants that will work well. I’m not sure why somebody other than some strange fetishist would want this job.
Chicken Sexer This is a real job title. A chicken sexer sorts through baby chicks to determine if they are male or female, and then segregate them.
Hot Walker: This is the person that walks the racehorses around after a race. It is important, because if a horse doesn’t cool down before returning to his stall, the overheating can cause kidney damage.
Saddle consultants: The people who ensure equine enthusiasts have the most comfortable ride possible and that their horses have the perfect riding accessory.
And you? What about you? Have you got or have you had any interesting, safe, dangerous, boring occupation? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Unusual jobs

  1. I read on a magazine some time ago about “the best job in the world”. In this job all you have to do is to live in a tropical and solitary island in australia for one year.

  2. Cheese Sprayer

    This person is actually in charge of spraying either cheese or butter on popcorn.

  3. I’ve read that in the USA some retired people work as fish counters, and this means that they have to count all the fishes they see in a pond, just to see if the pond is modifying the natural enviroment. So boring…

  4. Here there are some unusual and funny jobs:

    -CITRUS FRUIT COLORER: A person who gives citrus fruit a more natural coloring.
    -FENG SHUI CONSULTANTS: These consultants visit offices and homes to ensure a harmonious environment.
    -DOG PSYCHOLOGISTS: Individuals trained to analyse the behaviours and characteristics of troublesome canines.
    -BONER:Is a person who inserts stays (bones or steels) into prepared pockets of woman’s foundation garments, such as corsets and brassieres.
    -EGG SMELLER: Smells eggs after they are broken to check for spoilage.

  5. Diver depth repair
    These divers have to work with toxic elements or facilities to repair pipelines under the sea. Many times in extreme conditions.
    Being a diver of this type has nothing to do with the romanticism of the divers who make documentaries of corals in cristaline waters.

  6. There’s a program in Discovery Channel which is called “deadliest catch” where people work as “crabs hunters”. People can earn U.S.$50,000 dollars just in 8 weeks of work. It’s a very dangerous job. You have to resist cold and extreme conditions, that’s why it is so well paid.

  7. Well, one time, I had to design an essay using a tritium-labeled protein. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and has a half life of 12.3 years (scary!). At the time, we didn´t have at the lab an appropriate counter to measure tritium radioactivity so I had to rehearse the experiment several times in order to make sure I completely controlled the situation to avoid any spils.

  8. Last summer I worked as a clerk in a bank. It was quite a boring job, because most of the days we only had a few clients. But, at first, I made my work seem a bit funnier, because I seemed to be for ever putting my foot in it . For example, the third day, I pushed the alarm button – I hadn’t been told where it was.

  9. 1- WRINKLE CHASER: This is a person that irons wrinkles from shoes as they are being made to ensure they are perfectly smooth when you buy them.
    2- FURNITURE TESTER: This is a person who checks out the recliners on furniture.
    3- LAUGHTER THERAPIST- This is a person who teaches people how to laugh.
    4- GOLF BALL MARSHALL_ This is a person who hunts for golf balls all over the greens, to sell them back to the golfers.

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