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I Short Scary Story Writing Contest

Open to all my students at intermediate level until October 31st!
Are you willing to try your hand at writing a short scary story in English? This could be your chance to be internationally known. Who knows who might be visiting the blog and reading your stories. You might end up being a well-known writer !!!
Yeah! I know ! Probably too far-fetched ! But, what is undeniable is that this activity can help you improve writing and this is what really matters!
As in every single contest of some importance, there are RULES. These are mine:

Please ensure you read the rules carefully before entering the competition.Entry implies acceptance of all the rules and failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Theme: a scary/horror story

 ♥Stories must be written in English

♥Stories must be entirely your own work and must be previously unpublished

♥Only one entry per person can be submitted

♥ Stories may be of any length

♥Stories shall be titled

♥Submit your story via email by 11.50 p.m on October 31, 2015. Late entries will not be considered. Please, don’t  paste your work  into the body of the email, send it as an attachment with your name in the upper left-hand corner of the page

♥Prizes to be determined

♥Winners will be announced the first week of November, online and on this blog

Some pictures that might inspire you, below!!!

Scary Stories for Halloween

If you had asked me like twenty years ago  what my favourite stories  were, I would have loudly proclaimed HORROR stories but  this was back then when I  was brave enough to play with the ouija board  in a badly lit church without fearing anything, when me and my gang broke into abandoned houses with the legend of being inhabited by spirits or gathered around a fire to share  the scariest stories. This was back when one of my favourite writers was Stephen King and my favourite film was Carrie. I feared nothing and nobody. Yep. Those were the years  horror stories were my favourite.

I still like stories with a bit of something , but not like back then. I don’t remember when horror stories started to take a back seat but I guess it was when I began to have nightmares .

These two stories have a touch of mystery and they have been kindly sent by two of my intermediate students. I hope you enjoy them.!!

SNAKES ON THE PLANE  by  Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente

One of my passions is travelling and learning about other cultures and countries so last month I travelled  abroad.

I don´t really like flying but to go from Istanbul to Frankfurt I had no choice but  to travel by plane. The weather was sunny so the plane took off on time.

My trip was perfect until suddenly the  pilot said “We are heading for a storm and there will be turbulence”. I was nervous and worried because the sky was dark and there weren’t any lights inside the plane. I couldn´t see anything, I just heard screams.

When the light returned ,I couldn´t believe what I  saw. There were hundreds of snakes inside the plane. They were furious and they were attacking all passengers.

Then, I ran to the cabin but it was too late. The pilot was dead and I just saw blood everywhere and snakes.

I thought my end had come.

Luckily, when the biggest snake attacked me I woke up and understood that everything had been a bad dream caused by my fear to fly and my snake phobia.


As every year, I had a Christmas dinner with some friends who lived outside Asturias. We went to a restaurant in Avilés  and after desserts, coffees and some glasses of cider, I felt tired and decided to go home. While I was in the restaurant I noticed a guy  staring at me . When I looked his way , he greeted me  and although  I couldn´t remember him I said “hello”.

When I left the restaurant, I felt that somebody was walking behind me ,very close, and I began to feel scared  so, I started  to walk faster but the person following me also walked faster. Suddenly,  he shouted: “Susan, Susan please, wait for me”. I told him: ”Sorry, I´m not Susan, you´re wrong” but he didn´t care and he went on shouting : “Susan, you´re my wife, we have two children, don´t leave me, please”. I thought “Oh, my God, he´s  crazy!!”

I stopped a taxi and I explained the situation to the driver. He called the police and I went home.

The next day, I read in the newspaper that “A DANGEROUS MAN HAD RUN AWAY FROM THE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL” . There was photo of the man. It was him!.

Writing : A Narrative

I am sorry dear students. I know this post is long due, but as the saying goes ” better late than never”.

This is an activity I did with my intermediate classes  to do some writing practice in class. The activity was a tad demanding  because students needed to do some collaborative work, something they don’t very often do, and they also needed to include quite a few of the connectors displayed on the board ( picture below) and as many as possible of the pictures in the collage , also below, and all these ingredients put together  were supposed to produce a beautiful story to be  later displayed on the walls of the classroom for the students to read and vote for the best. The exercise was not an easy thing to do but they came up with some very funny stories, some of which  you’ll also find below.



You are going to write a story beginning with sentence It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. Look at the word cloud below and try to use most of the words in it. Then look at the collage of thirty pictures and include, at least, half the pictures in the collage

and these are some of their stories.


It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. Immediately I got up and went to the police station because I work as a police officer.

Unfortunately, a young man dressed as a priest, with a large black cotton cassock had robbed a bank where two stunning tattooed punky girls had put the money they had obtained from a blackmail. On the other hand, the same fake priest had stolen a gold and diamond one-million-dollar ring. Fortunately, although he had a gun, nobody was injured.

The thief escaped in a cheap white Italian car. Yet, while he was in the runaway the car broke down so it was our opportunity to catch him. He was taken to the police station and he confessed he wanted the money to take a plane to a paradise island .Despite his confession, he was sentenced to do community service helping the elderly.

Finally it was 10 a.m. when I arrived home. In spite of the robbery it was a funny situation.

by Eloy, Paula and Estibaliz


It was three o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. My brother was calling me to tell me that his car had broken down and he was very nervous because the night was getting very dark and there was a heavy storm. Immediately, I woke up and dressed quickly. When I left the garage with my car, the street was very foggy and I had to drive very slowly, but fortunately soon the fog dissipated in the air and then I could drive calmly. Half an hour later l saw my brother’s car and the storm. He was inside the car and I asked him If he had called the police and in spite of the fact that his car had stopped one hour and a half before he hadn’t called the police yet. While my brother was talking with them I heard a strange sound but I did not worry about this yet.

Suddenly a few excited dogs appeared in the middle of the road. I managed to get into the car. On the contrary, my brother didn’t and he was bitten by one of the dogs. In this moment, the police´s car arrived and when they saw the condition my brother was in , they decided to carry him to hospital. When I arrived there and my brother was being treated. A few hours later I took him to his house and I went to mine. Nevertheless, the drama had not finished yet, because the door was open and there was a light on the second floor. I was scared and called the police… again. “It´s going to be a long night”. I thought.

By Sonia and Laura

and finally


It was three o’ clock in the morning when the phone rang. It was my brother. He looked very worried. I asked him what was wrong and he answered that our father was in hospital and I had to come as fast as possible, so I called a taxi and when I arrived the doctor told me that, fortunately, he wasn’t injured at all, so he was OK.

Immediately, I met my brother and I asked him what had happened.

“I was having dinner with my fiancée, in fact, we were making plans about our wedding trip. However, the restaurant was very busy, so we decided to go for a walk. It was a warm night, yet it was cloudy and a bit rainy. Suddenly, we heard a gunshot, and dogs barking in front of the cinema. In spite of the fact that we were scared, we went to see what was wrong and we saw one person with an object (I don’t know what it was, I think it was a knife) in his hand and another person who was lying down in the street: daddy! Although the mugger could hear us, we called the police. We couldn’t see the criminal very well, but I believe he looked like a punk. Even though the police and the ambulance came very fast, the mugger disappeared and at the moment, he’s being sought. We carried our father to the ambulance. On the one hand, the ambulance was quick; on the other hand, there was a big traffic jam. And that’s all.”

At the end, our father stayed in hospital two days and now he’s like he was before the mugging… What a night!

By Alba and Noelia.

Thank you guys. Nice stories!

I Recorded Short Story Contest

Welcome to our I Recorded Short Story Contest. Open to all my students until May 31st!
Are you willing to try your hand at writing a short story in English and then reading it? This could be your chance to be internationally known; who knows who might be visiting the blog and listening to your stories and , well, you might end up being a well-known writer !!!
Yeah! I know !, Probably too far-fetched ! But ,what is undeniable is that this activity can help you improve writing and pronunciation, and this  is what  really matters!
As in every single contest of some importance , there are RULES. These are mine:

♥Entries must be in English
♥They must be recorded using the online tool Sound Cloud (Tutorial in Spanish , here)
♥Recording should last up to three minutes
♥Stories must be entirely your own work and must be previously unpublished
♥Only one entry per person
♥There is no set theme
Closing submission date: 31st May 13
♥Top three prizes to be determined
♥Winner will be announced the first week of June ,online and in this blog
♥First, you need to record yourself using SoundCloud.
♥Then , go to the comments section in this post
♥Write your full name
♥Write the name of your short story
♥In the Share box of your recording Copy/paste the link provided by soundcloud (starts with https)

Good luck !! Some pictures that might inspire you ,below!!!

I got this fantastic idea from the wonderful blog -MCargobe’s Blog-Room- written by a colleague from the EOI Valencia, which I highly recommend if you are willing to practise your English. Click here to see her blog.

See the winners here and listen to their stories.