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Weird Hotels: Lesson Plan

Have you planned your summer holidays yet? Are you in the mood for something different? Weird and even wacky? Are you tired of the conventional hotels everybody goes to? Have a look at these photographs.

These are some of the weirdest hotels you will ever see. But don’t hold your breath …some of them are very expensive and most of them are fully booked for this summer; so I guess, it must definitely be an experience for some people  sleeping in one of those but, trust me on this… you won’t find me there!

Given the chance I don’t know whether it‘d be easy to choose one of them to spend a nice relaxing holidays. I guess you think it would be a rush of adrenaline sleeping in a cabin hanging from a slender tree but I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink waiting for the branch to crack.

And an underwater hotel… are they paying me???

In my humble opinion, the Survival Pod Hotel in The Hague, this orange alien-shaped thing, seems to invite people to choose to die if the option is living in these claustrophobic capsules. Can’t imagine having to pay for it!

Some other picturesque pictures show the Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim in Austria and I have to admit that, at least, it has been cheap to build. The idea is that you sleep inside a piece of concrete sewage pipe and guess what?? This is cheap …’cause you pay only what you think they are worth!!

As for me, I’ve always felt an attraction for luxurious hotels where the service is impeccable, the views from the balcony breathtaking, the place a haven of peace and relaxation and the bed as comfortable as a bed should be. I  don’t want to spend the night killing cockroaches or freezing to death just to have the time of my life, thank you very much.

Anway, why this post on Weird hotels?  ’cause my students are about to study this lesson and I came across some of these pictures while looking for different things on the web. I prepared a lesson about hotels this morning, which I thought I’d share with you. So, if you are interested, and you’re not one of my Pre-Intermediate students (we’ll be doing this lesson on Monday, God willing!) Click here .

If you are one of my pre-intermediate students and still want to do something about hotels, you can click here and listen to this postcast about Weird Hotels.

And then watch this video… but don’t expect it to help you with your English!!!

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Can you help me?

Dear students
I want to create a very simple exercise but for this, I need your help. I know you’re all willing to do so and that you need no further encouragement, so I’m going straight to the point. We have been working with relative sentences and I think it could be a good idea if we could all together build a Multiple Choice exercise (you know, the one where you choose a, b, c, and sometimes d). Well, the idea is that you send me something like this:

A lawyer:
a. is someone who loves his family
b. is someone who practises law
c. is someone who cuts the lawn

A teapot
a. is something you use to drink tea
b. is something you use to make tea
c. is something you use to plant tea.

A butcher’s
a. is a shop where you can buy brushes
b. is a shop where you can buy buns
c. is a shop where you can buy meat

As you can see , nothing too complicated .The thing is for you to use relative sentences giving three options . Only one should be the right definition.
To send a comment, you have to click on “Can you help me? “And then fill in” Leave a Reply”  Come on!! What are you waiting for???


Great!!! Thanks!!! You’re amazing.

Relative sentences Quiz I

Relative sentences Quiz 2

Relative Sentences Quiz 3

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Food and cooking. Working with Flickr

Food! Food!! Food for thought! Always nice to learn something so useful. Nive way to teach too when it is as funny as doing it using this amazing tool which borrows pictures from Flickr and allows users to input sentences, phrases or even entire paragraphs and then turn them into illustrated slide shows .

Why don’t you try your own images and share them? Have a look at what I’ve done.
Ways of cooking

Kitchen equipment


What’s the difference between Sour and Bitter?
1.Take a drink of Vinegar : This would be sour or so considered to be.
2.Take a bite of Real pure dark chocolate: This would considered bitter
1.A Grannysmith green cooking apple would be sour
2.Coffee without sugar or cream would be bitter
Sour lemons and limes, or unripe fruit before it becomes sweet.


Enjoy your meal!!

Katy Perry can help you Practise Linking Words

Learning  a new language can be difficult. We often wonder why  it seems easier for some people, for some nationalities, to  understand English better  than for other speakers. The level of difficulty depends on various aspects but, most definitely, one of them is whether your first language is syllable-timed (giving syllables equal prominence)  or stress-timed ( temporal duration between two stressed syllables is the same ). English, as well as Danish, Swedish or German, are stress-timed languages  whereas Spanish, French or Cantonese Chinese are syllable-timed.

Content and Function Words. This is important because we, as Spaniards, try to give equal importance to each syllable but in English, only some words in a sentence are considered important and therefore pronounced with more emphasis (Content words) while others are quickly spoken (Function words) some would say, swallowed.

Look at these two sentences. Although the first has 7 words and the second 12, it should take you the same amount of time to read both sentences. Why? Because as English is a time stressed language there is always the same distance between two stressed words.

Peter said horrible things about your mother.

He left after dinner taking most of his books in his suitcase.

Another thing to take into consideration is Linking. Words , when they are pronounced in isolation do not sound the same as when pronounced in a sentence. Why? Because of this linking.

  Linking occurs in English in these situations:

Consonant+ vowel : when a word ends with a consonant sound and the next one starts with a vowel sound, we, very often, link them

Liked it   | ˈlaɪktɪt |

And I    /ən´aɪ |

Vowel+ Vowel : when one word ends with a vowel sound and the next word begins with a vowel sound, we link the words with a sort of W or Y sound.

To simplify :

♥ If our lips are round at the end of the first word, we insert a W sound: Ex: do it /du:wɪt/

If our lips are wide at the end of the first word, we insert a Y sound: Ex: Ray is /reɪyɪz/

– And then we have the Linking “r” for example, the “r” in “here” would not be pronounced in “Here they are ” (because it is followed by a consonant), but it would be pronounced in “Here I am”. Likewise, the “r” at the end of “far” would only be pronounced if the next word begins with a vowel, as in “far away” /fa:r∂wei/ or” far off”. /fa:rof/

Listen to these sentences and repeat after them paying attention to the  linkings. linking.mp3

Not at all

Isn’t it a pity

Ian’s wearing odd socks?

Was ever a bride so pretty?

♥To be honest, I am not a big fan of Katy Perry  but her song   I kissed a Girl is great to practise  Content and Function Words  and the  chorus is just the perfect example to make students understand the issue of Linking Words  and Function Words; by singing along Katy Perry” I kissed a girl and I liked it “, they’ll be practising  linking words and weak forms  without effort .


What is Texting?
Texting is, according to dictionaries, the process of sending and receiving written messages using the mobile phone. But it is more than that, it has become a written language not only used when sending SMS messages but also when writing e-mails or in the popular chat rooms. So it is increasingly becoming necessary to know some of the basics of this particular language.
Acronyms such as CUL8R or PCM, standing for “see you later” or “please call me” as so popular now that it would seem you don’t know proper English unless you are able to understand them.
But it is not only being used in the conversational style of the Internet but these shortcuts are also being used in every possible piece of writing, especially by teenagers. I am aware that a lot of teachers are beginning to get seriously worried when they see assignments full of these shortened words and are warning their students that they will be taking points off if they use them. They are worried students won’t be able to draw the line between formal and informal conversational writing.
Have a look at this post- it and try to work out what it says.

In a way, it is quite funny. It is like solving an equation.
Here you have a list of the most popular acronyms

2 = To/Two/Too                             2DAY = Today
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